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Brescia is a nice city to stay at, while visiting Northen Italy.
First of all, It has a train station, so you can easily take a X hour ride in the morning to go to Milano, Verona, or Venice. East or west, its your choose, the city of Brescia is smacked conveniently enough in the middle of it all.
Secondly, you can't get lost. The big dome (Duomo Nuovo/ New cathedral) in the middle of the commune (city) is an unbeatable landmark.

Have you ever heard of Polenta?
Yeah, I have raised the attention of high fidelity food euthuniastics.
Polenta is winter food. Polenta origins from Brescia and Bergamo. These are the places you have best chance of finding real and good polenta. My tip is look for Polenta Taragna named dish. And if it's yellow, not black, then it is not the real stuff.
real polenta is yellow, except Taragna, which is a speciality among polenta recipes.

Brescia is a big city, but not too big. In a week I had gathered a nice overall picture of the city. And I had tons of other things to do in that week, tho a 4 hour pause in the middle of the day was perfectly placed. So 20 hours of walking, and I found out I was in a city I could find anything, (Finnish Sauna, pricy or cheap gym, Black Gammon or MTG playing company, all night food, micheling food, trans sexual discos etc.) always finding what I was looking for, yet newer becoming bored with the streets, there is always something interesting to see.

Over all data:

Safety: Variable medium. (not full of thieves, like Helsinki, Roma, London, Paris, but I don't recommend leaving your backpack in your locked car and visiting a bar in the outer regions of the city.-The thieves there record the electronic beeb-beep signal from your key that remotely opens doors.-)
Size: Good, big but not too big, definitely not too small. 20 minutes to walk from other side of the center to the railway station at the other side.
Shops: Numerous, anything.
Culture: Old theatre, outdoor theatre in summer, workshops, discotecas, nightclubs.
Food and beverage: Micheling restaurants, honest italian little restaurants, night time kebab with very good Pakistan desserts. Cocktail bars (in outer regions of the city).
Internet: Wifi in hotels, many cafes Jaco´s bar near Polentone(Polenta fast food restaurant) is a very good choice to sit in front of your computer. As usual, you will need a passport or ID card with photo to register as a user of any wifi everywhere in Italy, because of new antiterrorist law.
Accommodation: Hotels are plenty ranging up to 5 stars if you are looking for such. Also big CS community. Friendly locals.
Seasons: Summer is buzy,winter is not. Polenta is good on winter. Italian winter is not one of the coldest winters around the globe. Visit winter. You have room, cheap hotels, good polenta.
Tip: Cafe bookstop offers language training in frm of language tables every wednesday from 19-> Every table speaks different language. Wanna learn Italian, English, germanase or something else, go there, you will find such a table or you might start a new table if you have the inspiratuon to help others learn your language.

Food tip: With northen italy meat dishes I recommend northen italian red wine from Valpolicella region.

What else do you want to know?

I'd like to write more, but as I am known to bore people out of their minds with my H.P.Lovecraft kindred a long essays, for the benefit of subject I decided to keep this short.

Brescia is friendly!

A free day is best spent away from work.
I got an invitation to apertivo event a friend of a friend of mine was arranging to welcome travelers to Italy.

As I dared to ask what is the difference between Aperol Spriz and Pirlo, I hardly could stop them. Something like an hour of long a lecture and also a record ammonite of new words of Italian language.

And as true to my self I told of my interests, coffee and all that jazz, so I got some beautiful tips as to who knows the guy who knows a guy where is the best coffee,tea, eastern board games of all of northern Italy.

The next day, I was hanging in a Cafe with an all too important wifi connection, except it did not work. The Barista working there did not speak good english but the girl barista knew walking in to the cafe did and the guy called her to help with translations. The internet problem was not fixed but during that, I had made 5 new talkative friends. 4 university students of english & chinese language, and one photography student. I was asked to join them after work, so at 10pm I met them at same -tho closed- cafe, we headed to "the best cocktail bar in Brescia."

The place was on a side alley of a side alley, it had no advertisement. The door was old -romantic- and wooden and it had one weird doorbell. Inside, partly hollow plastic pillars-being used as hangers for clothes-, a black and white tv screen shoving some heavens only know how old steampunk spirited scifi adventure film.

Need I say University degree English students are very much into teaching Italian to a foreigner.

The drink I had was none other but my favorite mixed drink.

The bartender did not now the recipe but after I told the simple basic version of the recipe and an half of an hour wait because tho he is said to make best cocktails in Brescia, he is also said to be the slowest bartender in all the world.

So, we were chatting near the unwelcoming door of the bar- to define all other bars-(ever heard of a bar being a gangs hide out, this is it.) the door opened and the bartender presented our drinks on a tray.

"There is the Cindarella, I added it some red ginger, so I't would taste better."
Said the old bartender, rather self righteously, but indeed he passes the test.
He made the cocktail, tasted the recipe and saw that it was quite a bit too juicy and sweet, so he made the same update to the cocktail as a few other professional bartenders decited to do. He added a splash of ginger-ale.

Before we could finish our drinks, which were being drank slowly for all the conversation -unlike in my dear country finland were plays the role of water to a lonesome cowboy stranded into dessert of social insecurity-.
And I was asked do I like wine.
Yes, if it is a good wine.
We rode on and went to a place, they chose a bottle, the waiter did the whole bottle of a wine to a table of persons with a guest, and tho my school did not make to appear the best waiter on planet earth I knew how to play my part in this setting.
I was later asked do I really like the wine, and I answered. "Well, its kinds good, but…"
Always the critic. (by the way, I found something to associate to while doing my wine homework.)
(goto: http://blog.wineeducation.com/2007/04/everything-you-need-to-know-about-wine.html paragraph 8 "Many gourmets are critical. Not just about food, but about everything they encounter.")

"I think so too, next time, I'll show you what a really good wine is." Said my tour guide.
Wow, what a lovely gang!

(Disclaimer: The author keeps the right for slight romanticizim and exaggeration of events.)

Italians eat a lot!

Having just eaten in italian restaurant a menu Ie. primi piatti and second piatti. Thats what I am primaly thinking about now. More so than ever. And do believe me, the thought has crossed my mind numerous a times before.

I ate pasta con fungi di salsa panna, Ie. the pasta they call letters with mushrooms in cream sauce.
And as second course, polenta con carne, Ie. Polenta and meat.
I, small student from finland managed to get no further than halfway trought the second piatti.
Food was good, but heavy and the portions were big.

How do the italians get trought that.
Was my pasta portion bigger than the one next to me sitting had?
Did they bother to chew?
I know I am a slow eater, but I also know that I can eat a lot. compared to my other friends.

They say.
"You start first and finish last and take seconds when we could not."

But still, how do the real Italians do it?
Is it even healthy?

There is a change coming up in Italy.
Customers foreigners and yon trendy Italians themselves now days more and more order only anti pasti (an appetizer) salad or something and then secondi piatti.
They skip the pasta!
It has been proven that eating a big portion of pasta and then on top of that heavy pasta, eating steak or something like that is simply but unhealthy.

I don't think the Italian tradition antipasti, primi piatti, second piatti, Dolce is disappearing, but it might diminish as for special dates.
Life in the big cities is getting busy even for an italian, tho it seems to me that they don't know the meaning of the word.
And I actually think that is the main reason we all adore them so much.
We are too busy.
But as for the smaller cities, I think the life stays as it has been god knows for how many hundreds of years. But even small cities are getting expanded, horizontally and vertically. There is quite a many of cranes I can see from my residence window in Commune di Bardolino.

By the way. I got out of school today at 12.
12:15 I was sitting in a restaurant.
12:40 I got my primi piatti.
13:10 I got my second piatti
13:40 I Payed my self out of the restaurant.

Who's slow them or me?
And why on earth did I feel awful as today I added tree words to my own dictionary.
The words were:
-Busy, in a hurry


The day I made the trip.

I woke up at hotel GLO which did not change my perception of a hotel -nor airport hotel mind you- for that was the first hotel residence experience I'v had if you don't count the night in Lapinjärvi in a hotel more resembling a 18th century pub tavern of England.
Skipping to the part where I flew to Italy.
The flight went ok, tho it did not inspire anyone to start clapping as in the ages past.
I could not have asked for a better traveling companion as the gonna b chef from the other more famous finnish restaurant school. (Yes I am still bitter that I was not good enough for that. Or maybe not. Maybe I am just irritated that whenever I say that I am studying to become a waiter (cameriere) , every finnish thinks that I am studying in Perho.)
Our hosting teacher Tiziana had sent one of her guys who actually speaks rather good english, to pic us up. And as we met Tiziana, she was the every bit of what we expected her to be, in a positive way. We started off with espressos as we were waiting for the 3 german girls. The espressos were not bad. Well balanced (equilibrate) taste, not too bitter, not too accidic, but tho not being watery, it kinda lacked flavor.
The berry like sweet acidity as found from nicely brewed Yirgachefe coffee.
Or the sweet caramelized nuttiness with as blueberry like smokey acidic finish as in Gran Palomar.
Then were taken to the small town of Bardolino, which reminds me very much of Karistos in Greece where my parents are spending their retirement days.
The french waiter was already waiting for us in the boys residence.
While waiting for the rest of the gang. The three of us went to eat.
I had Polenta Fungi. That being the first polenta I had ever tasted. After having red a nice long glorifying chapter about polenta from Bill Buford's book called 'Heat', my expectations were high. I guess the polenta was instant cause it was that plasticy.
Oliver, the french waiter had tagliatelle with salmon, which was marvelous.
My countryman Martina the-gonna-be-chef from the other restaurant school of Helsinki had pasta mariana. It was a nice looking plate and rather good as well.
After that, we went to the residence to wait for the rest of the party, cause we had the only keys. And when they finally showed up, we went to eat yet again, and were surprised by the Italian courtesy.
While we were waiting for the check the waiters brought is two bottles of liqeur, limonchino and licorice. And the food and the wines were cheap. The second main dish of the evening (after the polenta) pasta carbonara was quite nice, but the pasta was too dry and it weighted a ton,it was far too much for my appetite which was already satisfied by polenta one hour earlier. I was more driven by curiosity and rush of being in italy than hunger. The waiter said 'Oi oi!' as she cleared my plate that was hardly halfway eaten.
I did not think the dish would be so big, having eaten just two pasta carbonaras in the two newest italian restaurant in Helsinki before this trip. Also, I was kinda betting on the curiosity of the others to have a bite of my carbonara. one plate shared ten ways should be emptied rather easily.
Then we went to walk on the beach at night and sit and lie on the dock looking at stars and
chatting. Next day would be the first school day in Italian restaurant school.

By the way. Today was the talk like a pirate day. Thank heavens I forgot it. It would have been akward talking in pirate acsent for the whole day. Flight, passport check up, and meeting new people.

Day or two before the trip.

Day before my second to last day in Finland before my five month long apprenticeship in Italy.

At 9am came my last mile of help concerning moving out of my flat. The father of a friend of mine had generously donated some of his free time and car-space and energy to disassemble some furniture, and take the rest of my stuff to this attic another generous person Ie. my uncle -whom also I need to figure out how to repay his kindness- had lend me. In two loads.

The next day. I took my luckage to my sisters house and went to clean my flat. Next time I'll be doing so, I won't be leaving the task for the last minute.
I did manage to melt down my fridge and all, but I hope the house is not on fire because of my -lets melt
down the freezer in just 20 minutes- trick.

Afther that I made my way to the town and treated six of my poor hippie almost vegan friends a 1,1 course dinner in a chinese restaurant, so I'd have a going off party. Since most of my family is scattered all over world, I could not have one in any other way.

All packed and reedy to go I went to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to sleep the night in a Hotel so I'd be more comfortable, because I am a Sybarit and a Hedonist and to make my hotel related home assignment up close and personal. Ie. as I so usually want to, better than expected.
Of couse some things were left behind. I was supposed to bring 500g's of my favorite coffee in beans of couse.
Gran Palomar Espresso Organico, witch is a mix of nothing but the finest Arabica beans growing near the town on Palomar in Peru, at the high altitudes of the Andies.
For sure as a coffee expert of some sorts -not the best out there mind you-. I'd like nothing more than to give italians a taste of my favorite espresso and cappuccino.
I guess I have to order in. If I have the time.

Strawberry nights

Viime lauantaina pääsin ensimmäistä kertaa baarimikkona tekemään improvisoitua cocktail reseptiä.

Asiakas "Saisinko jotain mansikkaista?"
Mie "Miten ois mansikka margarita?"
Asiakas "Käy."

Alan tekemään, huomaan et meil ei ole jäämurskaa. Kysyn mist sellaista löytyy pomolta, hän sanoo et ei nyt ehi, tee jotain muuta.
Mikä antaa loistavan tilaisuuden improvisoida! =)

Mie "Meil ei löydy kaikkia aineksia moiseen, mut voinko keksiä jotain hatusta?"
Asiakas "Se ois täydellistä."

Teen drinkin.

8cl mansikka pyretä
3cl mansikka likööriä
0,5 cl Cointreau koska se on hyvää, ja tuo kivat pari lisäulottuvuutta niin moneen reseptiin, oli kyseessä sit juoma tahi ruoka.
0,5 cl karpalovodkaa, koska siitä jäi puuttumaan jotain happoa, en löytänyt sitruunavodkaa, en tajunnut käyttää sitruuna mehua ja karpalo vaan kaappasi kokeilunhaluni. Karpalo lonkero on hyvää, niin varmasti myös karpalo tujaus mansikassa.

Ravistetaan kunnes shaker huurtuu.

Mie "Drinkin nimi on Tämän perjantain mansikkainen."
Asiakas "Loistavaa."
Mie "Se on kertakäyttönimi, ei toimi muissa baareissa."

Onneksi minulle jäi aikaa vähän plokkaamisellekkin niin onnistuin löytämään kys asiakkaan.

Mie "Maistuiko drinkki?"
Asiakas "Se oli todella hyvää, mitä siinä oli?"
Mie kerroin heille reseptin.
Asiakas "Vähän vahva, mut tosi maukas, voitko laittaa reseptin muistiin niin tilaan tän sit enskerrallakin kun tulen tänne."
Mie "Valitettavasti minä en työskentele täällä vakituisesti, työskenteen sikinsokin kaikis Helsinkiläisis ravintoloissa ja baareissa."
Asiakas "No harmi, sanopa vielä se resepti niin me osataan sit pytää sitä."
Mie "Okei, mie koetan lanseerata tän reseptin."

Sivuhuomautus: Itse olen paasannut siitä, et Suomen alkoholikulturi on kieltolain tai ties minkä trauman vääristämä. Olen ihmetelyt, miksi kaikkiin resepteihin on pakko lauttaa niinkin paljon kuin 4 cl väkevää. Jotkut drinkit ovat maukkaampia pienemmälläkin suhteella. Ja lyhyella matikalla en jaksa mitata 3:1 reseptissä mitään monimutkaisempaa kuin 3cl +1cl. Kyl kolme senttiä riittää joissakin tapauksessa mut tässähän minä itse tungin väkisin neljä senttiä. Ehkä 3 + dash ois ollu tarpeeksi ja oisin voinu laittaa vaan toista, joko cointreauta tai karpaloa. Tai sit oisin voinut käyttää karpalomehua.

No. Työvuoro loppui puoli viideltä. Sit huomasin et ei ollutkaan pe-la välinen yö vaan la-su välinen yö. Eli jouduin odottamaan puolitoista tuntia et aamu kuuden bussit lähtis liikkeelle.

Bussissa siten nukahdin ja herättyäni näin vierasta maisemaa. Sit bussi pysähtyi päätepysäkille ja kysyi et mihin olen matkalla. Kerroin ja ihana nuori kuski lupas herättää minut sit kun hän kohta taas lähtiessän likkeelle ohitaa kotini.
Pääsin kotiin klo seitsemän aikaan.

Sit eilen sunnuntaina, vietin ansaitun vapaapäivän maistoin ekan kerran elämässäni baileyssiä. Hyvää, mut ehkä se ois parempaa kovemmalla jäällä.
Sit suuntasin Shakeriin, koska halusin kuulla kommenteja ja maistaa omakeksimää drinkkiäni.
Ihan niinkuin tuhat baarimikkoa ei jo olisi keksinyt tuota sekoitusta kun on täytynyt improvisoida jotain mansikkaista. Kuka tietää ehkä todennäköisyydet suojelevat taiteilijan vapauttani ja olin eka joka on nuo ainekset reseptiksi muutanut.
Shakeris maistoin tuon oman drinkkini, mut Shakerin tyypithän ovat cocktailien teon ammattilaisia ja hifistelijöitä, joten tämä shakerin poika huomasi heti reseptistä et se kaipaa happoa. Maistoimme reseptiä minun tapaani ja vielä pienen sitruunamehu lisäyksen kera. Se lievällä hapolla korjattu resepti taisi olla parempaa. En vielä täysin ymärrä tuota "se kaipaa happoa" mekaniikkaa vaikka se jo omastakin selkärangasta puskee pikkuhiljaa esiin.

Sit meinasin mennä tanssimaan jonnekkin vielä aamu neljään asti. Koska pidän tanssimisesta ja olen liian usein viikonloppuna ollut töissä, enkä tiskin toisella puolella. Tai pareminkin sanoen, lattialla. Mutta turhaan raahasin valkoiset kenkäni ja tiikerikauluspaitani, sillä minua väsytti, ja väsyneenä ei jaksa väkisin tanssia.
Suuntasin kotiin. Ihanaa, vaihtelu virkistää, kerankin pääsen kotiin vielä kun on pimeää.
Nukahdin taas bussissa. Heräsin siihen et kanssamatkustaja uteli minne olin matkalla. Kerroin. Ja kas kummaa tämäkin yksilö oli avulias tapaus ja lupasi kahdesti keskustelun aikana herättää minut ,kun kuljemme oman pysäkkini ohi. Käytin ajan mielummin jutteluun kyseisen mukavan ihmisen kanssa.

Muistin kyl kait toivottaa hyvää yötä tai jotain, mut en muistanut kiittää.

Sanojen perimmäisimpien merkitysten mukaan.

Kiitos kaunis. :)

Concerning latte art.

This will be a short post, because I am in a hurry doing many a things simultaneously, but I choose to post this short version of this post just to get the topic started. I will expand this topic further in the future when time and inspiration come to meet their requirements again.

On with the show!

This is good latte art.

This is better, in my opinion.

Because as a customer, I'd much prefer to see the art right side up, not tilted.
As I am a right handed customer and I place the handle of my coffee cup to right, I see the latte art sideways.
Of cause the art starting from the handle is a perfect compromise if you do not know whether your customer is right or left handed, but major of the people are right handed and you can spot it by making a note witch hand the customer uses to pay the coffee.

Conserning dancing.

Dancing is the oldest form of art and communication on this planet. Hell. I might surely claim that it was here even before the human beings started to crawl. It's probably the oldest on other planets and realms -if they are 3,5 dimensional or less- as-well.

Let me take a small detour to tell a tiny story how I got back into that a hobby.
How I moved from salons to clubs.

I started to study restaurant business.
My intention is to specialize to the role of a waiter.
So, among many things I need to know how to mix drinks, block dishes in crowded room serve customers in loud environment.

My teacher told us.
"-You, who are studying to become chefs. You have about 35 hours in school to train, tho the study plan says 40. So that leaves 5 hours a week for your homework, which we rarely give you, so be creative, buy a sack of carrots, cut em one day into brunoise, and on another julienne or something."

I asked.
"What about we who study to become waiters and such?"

The teacher held a pause. Confused. Well she was a chef trainer, not a waiter/bartender/what ever instructor.
-"Go party on weekend or something."

Yes mam, I sure will!

So I tasked myself to try out all the clubs in Helsinki region. A pilgrimage I am still not even half way trough.
To see how the employees there block the dishes away, and help them, to earn me some friendly customer points and free non-alcoholic mocktails.
And to see the bartenders in action, learn by watching to mix drinks and serve customers.
And to teach them few a Mocktail recipes I managed to discover during my digital archaeological  excavations.

Previously I had a hobby dancing historical dances of Victorian and Renaissance England ,Italy and such.
Before that I moved my body with the blade to practice historical swordmanship aka. 14'th century German.
And before that I had the Judo lessons.
Okey I admit. I am the son of a theater director and such was my part in few a plays in the beginning of the 90´s.

My transition to club environment was not too painful.
At first I got some positive feedback.
"Are you from some dancing school or what"-Blocker from one club in Vantaa.
"Your great! Where did you learn to dance?"- A clubber from Jenny Woo.

It was only after I took on some influence from the world wide web and my now favorite music video, J'adore hardcore from Scooter that thought me one pesific dancing style which I am deeply afound of that I started to get some bad mouth.

"You are ruining our night. Get out of here!"
Said a clubber from Jenny Woo as I started to shuffle to the tune of I don't feel like dancing by scissor sisters to mock the DJ for lozy choice of play list. Maybe I was a bit too alien for that customer. With a distinct style of dance, and too little alcohol in my system.

But hey. The dance floor was dead empty before I gave up and started to dance. The floor was packed full like never before since I started it. -Here I may exaggerate-

But I truly have proven to the staff my skills of a lead dancer to few a clubs in Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa.

Once I was hanging and waiting for any a good music to start playing. One of the house's own lead dancers went to the floor and danced and tried to get people to dance. And to get em thirsty to drink more. And also I believe, to have fun. But none would come. Not on the second song he was leading neither. Nor the third. Dead people all over the club.
So he came and asked me to dance with him.
Oh hell, okey.

To my surprise the dead clubbers awoke and followed. Soon I was no longer needed.

I have also found out that the dancing in the clubs is the perfect antidote for my ace in my muscles after hard week in the demonstration kitchen of our school.

And the free drinks.
And the music-sometimes actually good music-.
And the view, the ladies and guys.
And the freedom to express myself.
And the chance to seduce someone by being myself with 300% efficiency.

And today I saw this advertisement of and event.

Labyrint / Laserpoint - Whiteout 2011

Biggest dance event of the year.
Dress in white!

Yepee! Best dress code ever!

If you ever see a guy in a club with white shoes, you can bet he can dance pretty well.
The white shoes are meant to stand out from the black dance floor. He wants his feet to be seen. Cause he wants to make an impressions with his moves.
If he moves that well in crowded environment standing up, how well will he use his body in horizontal position with just two of you?

To dance is to communicate,
to train your body,
to perform art,
to seduce.

Whiteout 2011


Mielitkös sinä siis ravintola-alalle?

Ehkäpä, kuten lehtijutuissa nyt väitetään, televisiokokiksi? Hyi olkoon sinua!
Ehkäpä janoat sekopäisiä työaikoja ja vapaita aamupäiviä, mitkä saat baarimikon viran mukana.

Ehkäpä haluat tarjota ihmisille pääasiassa kahvia ja teetä täysin itse sisustamassa ja hallinoimassa nurkassasi tätä maailmaa. Oma pikku valtakuntasi, missä voit patistaa tettiläisiä siivoamaan kahvitahroja pöydiltä, asiakkaiden juuri lähdettyä.
Ehkäpä haluat oman kuningaskunnan missä sinua kenraalin tavoin tituleerataan Chefiksi, missä voit viskoa juustotarjottimen seinään jättäen siihen camembert vanan kikhernejätkiäsi, valkopaitojasi ja muilla hellillä nimillä kutsumiasi kokkeja muistuttamaan, mikä on vähäisin rangaistus, mikä seuraa siitä, että koottu annos ei ole ravintolan parhaan tason mukainen.

Ehkäpä haluat leipäsi pöytään, jollain keinolla, mikä tuntuu tarpeeksi mieluisalta, että sitä jaksaa tehdä hautaan asti, jos et pääse yhteishaun vaihtoehdolle 1,2,3 tai 4.
Kohdaten asiakaita, ja heille höpisten ja tyhjiä lautasia tiskiin palautellen -aiheutat tällä itsellesi rannetulehduksen ennen varhaiseläkettäsi-.
Raaka-aineet kasaan tilauksen mukaan, vähän lämpöä, samalle lautaselle nätisti pinoten ja tarjolle - poltat oikean kätesi, leikkaat vasemman kätesi -.

Totuus on harvoin noin jännittävää tai helppoa.

Kiitoksia mielenkiinnostasi. Tervetuloa ravintola-alalle!

Kävin juuri Ravintolakoulu Perhon avoimissa ovissa, muistin maistaa kaikkea, paitsi sen ranskalaisen keittiön suklaaleivosta. Siinä marenkikeksissä oli niin paljon mussutettavaa, että päätin palata suklaisen herkun äärelle myöhemmin, mikä johti kys. herkun unohtamiseen.

Alkoholiton mocktail baari oli jälleen paras esittelypiste mestassa. Minun näkökulmastani, kait siksi että olen tarjoilija( enkä baarmikko ) ,en löytänyt siitä erikoistumiseni vuoksi moitittavaa.
Surkein piste oli taas kerran kahvila. Mielipiteeni on tämä kai siksi, että olen tarjoilija/barista ja kahvi&tee erikoistumiseni takia, löysin paikasta paljonkin valitettavaa. Tarjolla oleva tee oli rooibosta, ei se väärin ole, mutta kun koulun opettaja tituleeraa sitä teeksi, eikä oikeasti tiennyt teen ja teenkaltaisen juoman eroa. "Ai miksi se ei ole teetä?" Olisi edes sanonut, että "No, eihän tämä olekkaan, kyllä minä sen tiedän mutta...". Maidonvaahdotus kuulosti siltä, kuin barista kahvilatarjoilija olisi yrittänyt hukuttaa tiineenä olevaa kissaa alesta löytämäänsä uima-altaaseen. Pitcherinä toimi kannellinen kermakko. Sentään opiskelija valitteli, työvälineen epäsopivuutta ja tiesi, mikä on pitcherin ja kermakon ero.

Mutta, saannen tarjota vinkkejä alan opiskelua aloittavalle.

Osta veitset, kengät, kokki ja tarjoilija vaatteet vasta koulun alettua. Ekoina päivinä tarvitset vain oppikirjoja, ja et tarvitse noista yhtäkään ennen kyseisten tykotarpeiden esittelypäivää, joka pidetään koulusi ala-aulassa ja sillä suurella vessanjonotus & DS:n peluu aukiolla yhtä aikaa.

Ekana päivänä leikitte ja tutustutte.
Seuraavana opettaja esitelmöi, millainen on kunnollinen kokkipuku ja millainen filerointiveitsi on huono yms. Eli älä osta pukuja ja veitsiä ennen kuin olet kuullut ja nähnyt tuon demostraation. Älä kiirehdi.
Kirjat kannattaa kyl hankkia heti, kun kirjalista saapuu postilaatikkoosi. Voit kysellä kirjoja myös koulun ilmoitustaululta. Sieltä löytyy opiskelijoita, jotka eivät kirjojaan enää tarvitse alaa vaihdettuaan tai ylimääräisiä kirjoja omistukseensa mitä omituisimmilla tavoilla hankittuaan.

Perhon maistelupiste, jonka aiheena oli Tapas.

Tapas maistelupiste oli toiseksi vaikuttavin ja mieluisin.

Julkaisempa tämän nyt, kun tämä viel on ajankohtainen. Ehkäpä päivittelen tätä non euqlydisesti, lisää muistaessani ja keksiessäni.
*Muokkaus* Päivitin hiukan.

Olipakerran tulppaani.

On olemassa tarina, joka auttaa free pour tyylisen tulppaanin maito taiteilussa.
Tämän tarinan minä kuulin vuonna 2008, Art goes kapakka  tapahtuman Fazer cafessa pidetyssä latte art pajassa. Tarinan kertoja, oli Pauligin baristakouluttaja.

Saannen siis esittää tarinan. Tulppaanin kaato on yhtä kuin bileet.

Siul on siun kupillinen espressoa. Se on bileet.
Oikeat bilettäjät  käyttävät oikeita henkkareita ja rehdisti kohtaavat bileiden valvojan, portsarin. Elikkä, suosittelen asettamaan kupin korvan osoittamaan kaatajan napaa kohden ja kaadon tapahtuvan 90° kulmassa sijaitsevasta suunnasta, jos asiakas on oikeakätinen. Vasenkätisten kupin korva osoittakoot baristan navasta poispäin.
Siul on siun vaahdotettu maito. Se on bilettäjä, nimeltä Vesa.
Kun Vesa saapuu bileisiin. Täskohdin, ole hyvä ja ala kaatamaan rohkeasti korkealta, ilman lusikan apua, vaahdotettua maitoa espressosi sekaan.
Hän etsii kavereita ja kiertää pitkin klubin salia. Kaada tasaisesti ympärämpär maitoa yhä laajenevan juoman pinta-alan sekaan. Näin saat sekoitettua maidon espresson cremaan, eikä capun reunoihin jää epämiellyttävän muovista puhdasta cremarengasta mikä maistuu laimentamattoman happamalta happokuplavaahdolta. Millaisen join ensinmäisellä Baristan työn aiheisella opintomatkallani.
Kun kaksi kolmasosaa bileajasta on kulunut-elikä 2/3 kupin tilavuudesta täyttynyt-löytää Vesa kaverit takahuoneesta ja bilettää puolen yön parhaasta bileajasta tunnin-kaada  kupin laitaan ympyrä(tai sydän)-, bilettää toisenkin tunnin-kaada ihan sen yläpuolelle toinen samanmoinen- ja kolmannen, aina kello neljän pilkkuun asti-kaada viel neljäs tanssilattioiden kunniaksi-,ja illan päätteeksi poistuu huomaamattomasti takaovesta ulos-kavenna valuva maitovana ohueksi ja vedä se noiden pallojen läpi taittaen pallot lehdiksi ja luoden varren kukkaiskuviollesi-.

Tulos, neljä lehtinen tulpaani.

Tanssiminen on muuten muotia Baristojen keskuudessa. Ainakin vuoden 2010 Lontoon WBC kisoista lähtien.
Kysykää vaikka Suomalaisilta baarimikoilta ja DJ:ltä La Marzocco, La Chimbali vai Bezzera?

Kuvat 1 ja 2 tulossa.

Teidän palveluksessanne, Joni,
Barista joka just anto bänät useammallekkin asialle kuin omalle kahvi obsessiolleen, yhden illan ajaksi. Rauhallinen koti-ilta tekee hyvää mielelle ja sielulle.